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Vet Team

  • Andrew Healy
    Andrew HealyMVB, MRCVS
    Andy qualified in 1987 from the University of Dublin. He is our main Equine vet and enjoys all aspects of it. Andy also has a keen interest in general mixed practice medicine.... Read more »
  • Michael Woodside
    Michael WoodsideBVM&S, MRCVS
  • Keith McKeeman
    Keith McKeemanBVetMed, MRCVS
    In 1999 Keith qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London. After graduating he spent some time in England and New Zealand before returning to Northern Ireland and se... Read more »
  • Diane Beattie
    Diane BeattieBVetMed, MRCVS
    Diane has been with Clare Vet Group since 1997 after she graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Diane was interested in the care and welfare of animals from a... Read more »
  • Naomi Hoy
    Naomi HoyBVMS, MRCVS
    Naomi joined the practice as a veterinary surgeon in 1992 after qualifying from Glasgow University in the same year. Naomi chose the route of veterinary medicine as she has a... Read more »
  • Martin Webb
    Martin WebbBVSc, MRCVS
    Martin joined Clare Vet Group in 2007. He gained his veterinary qualifications from Bristol University in 2002. Martin’s passion for veterinary medicine came from his love ... Read more »
  • Alan Gordon
    Alan GordonBVM & S MRCVS
    Alan was one on the founding partners and joined the practice in 1982. He had graduated from Edinburgh Royal School of Veterinary Studies in 1979. Alan’s passion for Veterin... Read more »
  • Wilson Kennedy
    Wilson KennedyBVMS, MRCVS
    Wilson was one of the key founders of Clare Vet Group from1980. He qualified in 1975 from Glasgow University. His interest in veterinary stemmed from growing up on a farm and... Read more »
Vet Team
  • Kirsten Keys
    Kirsten KeysBVM & S MRCVS
    Kirsten joined Clare Vet Group in September 2001. She qualified in 1996 from Edinburgh and decided on veterinary after her love for horses, she had originally wanted to be a h... Read more »
  • Pippa Swan
    Pippa SwanCertWEL, BVSc, MRCVS
    Pippa has been part of the team since 2005. She qualified from Liverpool University in 1993 with an additional qualification in animal welfare science, ethics and law. Pippa i... Read more »
  • Rachel Finlay
    Rachel FinlayBVM & S MRCVS
    Rachel joined the practice in 2011, having worked in County Durham as a mixed animal vet, since qualifying from The Royal Dick Veterinary College in Edinburgh. Growing up on ... Read more »
  • Robert McConnell
    Robert McConnellBVMS, MRCVS
    Robert became part of the Clare Vet team in 2014. Robert graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2012. Robert grew up on a farm and used to help the vet with sick animals... Read more »
  • Kirsty Morrison
    Kirsty MorrisonBVMS, MRCVS
    Kirsty affectionately known as “our wee Scottish vet” joined Clare Vet Group in February 2016, she is after spending a couple of years in a mixed practice in Staffordshire... Read more »
  • Kirsty McKay
    Kirsty McKayBvetMed, MRCVS
    Kirsty joined Clare Vet Group in August 2016. She qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London 2016. Kirsty wanted to be a vet from she was 5 years old and pursued h... Read more »
  • Jonathan Auld
    Jonathan AuldBVMS, MRCVS
    Jonathan graduated from University or Glasgow in 2004. He joined the Clare Vet team in 2016 having previously worked in mixed practice in Northern Ireland and England. Jonath... Read more »
  • Lauren Graham
    Lauren GrahamMA VetMB MRCVS
    Lauren joined Clare Veterinary Group in February 2018. She graduated from Cambridge in 2017, having also gained a degree in Zoology. Lauren enjoys getting to work with a large... Read more »