Steven Robinson

Head Nurse

Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson RVN Head Nurse

Steven has been with Clare Vets since 2004. He began his career here as a kennel assistant on weekends whilst still at school. He became a full time member of staff in summer 2006 and started his nurse training in 2007 at Greenmount College. He completed his ANA and passed with distinction in 2008, then went on to qualify in 2011 as a registered veterinary nurse.

Stevens’s passion for animals began from a young age when he hand reared puppies and kittens, he enjoys watching them develop and grow up.

In practice Steven enjoys theatre and medical nursing and is often keen to help out with the large animals.

In his spare time, Steven enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys looking after his 9 dogs, 1 cat and 2 rabbits and finds dog walking a good way to de-stress from the fast paced work of Clare Vets.