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Equine Insurance

Advances in veterinary medicine mean we are able to do more for horses than ever before However, treatment costs can soon mount up. Having the right insurance policy allows you to concentrate on what’s best for your horse knowing help is there for the cost of unexpected treatment.

It’s important to be aware that not all horse insurance is the same and we advise that you don’t shop around on price alone. For example, some policies apply a percentage-based excess on vet fees claims or only cover older horses for injury. Ask the following five key questions so you clearly understand what each policy does and doesn’t cover:

  • What is the age limit for illness cover?
  • How much cover is provided for diagnostics and complementary treatment?
  • What is the Veterinary Fees excess?
  • Will the insurer pay the vet practice directly?
  • Will your premium increase if you make a claim?

Petplan Equine will provide illness and injury cover up to 25 years of age as long as your horse is insured before the age of 20. Click here for a quote.