Keeping your pet happy at Halloween

Fireworks can be scary for your pets! Hiding, fleeing, unusual toileting or restlessness could all be signs that your pet is scared of fireworks. Talk to us!

Here are some top tips on keeping your pet happy at Halloween:

• Be prepared for fireworks and allow your pet to become accustomed to the sounds. Sound desensitisation programmes are available and very effective.
• Are you fireworks ready? Update your pet’s microchip & tags in case they run off once the bangs start.
• Build your pet a den: it provides them a safe place to hide during fireworks but they need time to get used to it.
• Try and walk your dog during the light to avoid surprise fireworks.
• Keep your pets inside and don’t leave them alone while fireworks are going off. Your presence makes all the difference to them!
• Try and distract your pet before fireworks start. Why not get out their favourite toy?
• Turn the TV or radio on to muffle the sounds of the bangs. Close windows & shut curtains.
• Cats like to be up high. Give them a safe sleeping space in an out of the way place. On top of a wardrobe could work!
• Got 2 cats? Make sure you have a hiding place for both plus another one.
• Provide extra litter trays for your cats if they are not used to being confined to the house.
• Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed to stop your pet running off during fireworks display
• Don’t force your pets to come to you, especially if they are in their hiding place or den.
• Happy Halloween! When scary things happen, give your pet’s affection, but no more than usual. Don’t react to fireworks yourself, it will make your pet think there is something to be worried about!

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