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Biopsies are normally taken to determine if growths, lumps and bumps are cancerous. A lot of the time they can also help determine the severity of a disease.

A biopsy allows your veterinary surgeon to determine the types of cells in a tissue sample. Mostly these biopsies are sent off to a specialist external laboratory for analysis.

The tissue removed during a biopsy is examined under a microscope by a veterinary pathologist at the lab, these professionals are specialists in examining cells and tissue samples.

Sometimes your pet will be anesthetised or sedated to perform a biopsy, this is to ensure your pet is comfortable and as stress free as possible.

Biopsies are very important for helping to confirm a diagnosis. With many types of cancers, early diagnosis is helpful for determining the course of treatment and can help increase the chance of survival. Biopsies can also help to confirm causes of other conditions, including skin lesions as well as diseases of the kidneys, liver, or bone marrow.

Your vet will discuss at length the procedure and treatment plan for your pet. If your pet is hospitalised we have a dedicated team of veterinary nurses who will look after your pet during the recovery period to ensure he/she is comfortable and pain free.