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Oncology & Chemotherapy

At Clare Veterinary Hospital we offer some of the most advanced cancer treatments in pets.  Our veterinary oncologists provide a wide range of chemotherapeutics and surgical cancer treatments.

It can be a very distressing time if your pet is diagnosed with cancer. Our aim is to offer expertise and understanding to allow the best possible decisions to be made for you and your pet.  Our veterinary surgeons will discuss at length the diagnostic and treatment options that are appropriate for your dog or cat.

Some cancer treatments may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative drug therapy, immunotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy or a combination of these.

Our main aim through treatment is to try and maintain the best possible quality of life for your pet. We understand that dealing with cancer in your pet will be very difficult and we want to ensure you have the best possible care for your pet.

The types of cancer we often see include:

  • Mast cell tumours
  • Carcinomas including oral carcinomas, anal sac adenocarcinomas, thyroid carcinomas and bladder tumours
  • Sarcomas including haemangiosarcomas, osteosarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas
  • Lymphoid and myeloid cancers including lymphomas, myelomas and leukaemias
  • Malignant melanoma.

Our team of caring and dedicated qualified nurses will ensure your pet has the best possible hospital care during their treatment times in the hospital.

If you are worried about your pet and wish to make an appointment, please contact the clinic on 02893 322223.