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Weight Management Clinic

In 2015 Clare Veterinary Hospital opened the ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Clinic. This is a referral service available to dogs and cats that are overweight. By introducing the clinic, the first of its kind in the Northern Ireland, we hope to increase the profile of the companion animal obesity condition. We enrol dogs and cats that are referred from the Veterinary Surgeon with or without other concurrent diseases. The service is offered free of charge to those enrolled.

Weight problems are now as common in dogs and cats as it is in people. An estimated 60% of pets in the UK are overweight and whilst this is occasionally related to a medical disorder, it is usually due to overfeeding.
Excess weight can cause many problems including joint and heart conditions as well as diabetes and urinary complaints because of the extra strain it puts on every part of the body. Obese pets live 2 years less than most pets in good condition.

Overfeeding and under exercise are the two most common reasons for overweight animals.
If you think your pet may be overweight then please feel free to contact the surgery for a weight clinic.

The initial consultation the clinic nurse will discuss your pet’s current diet and exercise, will weigh your pet, measure your pet with a tape measure, body condition score and take photographs.

The nurse will then work out an appropriate feeding regime and exercise plan and book in a follow up appointment normally 3-4 weeks after.