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Well Pet Clinic

At Clare Vet Group we recommend that older pets are seen regularly.

Animal’s age quicker than humans and so from your dog is 7 years old and your cat is 10 years old we would recommend check ups every 4 months.

Even if the health check reveals nothing untoward the information we gather will help in future when concern’s for your pet’s health are raised.  Knowing what is normal for your pet, will help immensely when investigating illness.

For pets over 7 years old. We can give advice on diet, look for any changes such as lumps, clean ears and clip nails. If necessary, your pet can be referred to a vet for further checks and tests. These will be chargeable.

As your pet gets older their diet requirements will have to change and any of our qualified nurses will be happy to give advice in the clinic or on the telephone.