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We strongly recommend neutering all your pets not intended for breeding as this can prevent or reduce the risk of a number of potentially serious diseases.

Canine Neutering

Unless you are planning to breed from your pet we advise that you have your animal neutered.

Male dogs can be neutered from five months of age however we do recommend if you own a large or giant breed that this is done at a later stage (please call to discuss this further with a veterinary surgeon).

This is a surgical procedure that requires an anaesthetic. The testicles are completely removed and sutures are inserted to close the skin. These sutures require removal in ten days time.

The advantages of neutering are both medical and social.


  • Reduces risk of testicular cancer
  • Reduces risk of prostate disease
  • Reduces risk of anal tumours


  • Less unwanted sexual behaviour
  • Reduces risk of roaming
  • Reduces aggression

Female dogs can be neutered from six months of age providing they have not yet had a season. If your dog has a season prior to six months old, we have to wait 14-16 weeks after her season before we can have her neutered, if this happens we advise extra care to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

This surgery is done under general anaesthetic and involves the removal of both the ovaries and the uterus. This ensures that she will no longer be able to have pups and stops her coming into season via removal of her hormonal control.

Many myths are told about allowing females to have pups prior to being neutered, but none of these stories have been scientifically proven. What we do know is that neutering the bitch before she has had seasons greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumors in later life.

Neutering also removes

Please contact the surgery if you require any more information, we also offer free nurse clinics to discuss any concerns you may have. we currently are working in conjunction with the Dogs Trust and are offering reduced price neutering to people on certain benefits.

Feline Neutering

Unless you are planning to breed from your pet we advise that your animal is neutered.

Male cats can be neutered from 5 months of age

Neutering your male cat will reduce the risks of

  • Straying and wandering.
  • Blood borne infectious diseases that can be fatal.
  • Cat bite abscesses.
  • Spraying or urine marking of his territory, namely your house.

Male cat neutering is a simple day procedure that involves the removal of the testicles, after a few days rest male cats can normally return to normal activity, there are no sutures to be removed.

Female cats can be neutered from 6 months of age they are neutered via a flank or midline incision.

The benefits of neutering are mainly to reduce the burden of unwanted pregnancy. The sutures used are dissolvable and generally do not need removal, although on occasion may need to be removed as advised by the vet.

All animals are discharged from the hospital by a nurse who will advise you on post operative care.

We currently are working in co-operation with the Cats Protection League and are offering reducing neutering costs to some members of the public receiving certain benefits.

Rabbit Neutering

Male rabbits can be neutered from 5 months of age, the operation is a day procedure, though we do like to ensure that your rabbit is eating before he/she is sent home however on occasion your rabbit may have to stay overnight for extra nursing care.

Female rabbits can be neutered from 6 months of age, this procedure involves the removal of the ovaries and the uterus (Ovariohysterectomy).

The benefits of neutering are


  • Calmer more relaxed pets.
  • Less aggressive, especially if you have multiple animals.
  • Less risk of certain types of cancers. (Female rabbits are high risk from uterine cancer later in life)
  • Less antisocial behaviour


Please be aware that rabbits can become sexually mature from 4 months of age and care should be taken if you have multiple animals and you are unaware of their sex.