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Canine Vaccinations

Vaccinating your puppy and adult dog is one of the most important preventative health care measures that you can take. Vaccinations can be given from six weeks of age and we vaccinate against five major diseases.

  1. Distemper
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Influenza
  4. Lepto
  5. Parvo-virus

Most of the diseases will be fatal if left untreated BUT vaccination can provide near 100% immunity.

Pups require two injections spaced two weeks apart and adults still require yearly vaccinations. We recommend that your pup remains confined in your own environment until two weeks after his/her second vaccination to allow the immunity to develop.

As your pet gets older it is still important to continue vaccination as the dog’s natural immunity declines with age.

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Canine Cough Vaccination (kennel cough)

Although this vaccine is a commonly required to allow dogs access to kennels, the infection can be picked up in various places such as parks, gardens, walks, day cares, activity parks and even the veterinary practice so it is important to protect your pet against it.

Canine cough causes a chronic, irritable cough in the dog that can persist for 10 – 14 days.

This vaccine is unique, in that, it is given intranasally up the dog’s nose.

The vaccine provides immunity for a year and allows your dog to enter kennels and compete at certain dog shows.

Feline Vaccinations

Our cat vaccines provide protection against

  1. Feline leukaemia
  2. Feline parvo-virus
  3. Feline influenza.

The vaccine is given to kittens at nine weeks of age with a second vaccination three weeks later.

Routine yearly vaccination of adults is required to provide adequate protection.

As with all vaccines, if the vaccine has lapsed the course will need to be re-started at extra expense over the booster vaccination.

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Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular as domestic pets, and are getting close to overtaking dogs as the most popular pet in the UK.

Rabbits also need to be vaccinated and there are two main diseases that we can vaccinate rabbits against, we start rabbit vaccinations from 5 weeks of age.

We use a combined vaccine which protects againist:

  1. Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD)

VHD is a highly infectious and lethal disease killing up to 75% of rabbits affected. The virus causes internal bleeding and death and can attack rapidly.

Fortunately this vaccine prevents the disease, the vaccine should be given to your rabbit from

5 weeks of age, and a yearly booster vaccination is needed to maintain immunity.

  1. Myxomatosis (Myxo)

Myxo is a disease that is often fatal, it is spread by blood sucking insects so can be caught by even house rabbits, it causes swelling around the eyes and face, infections and respiratory problems.

Myxo vaccines can be administered from 5 weeks of age.