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Canine Worming

We recommend that your pup is wormed fortnightly from 6 weeks to 12 weeks of age.

After 12 weeks the animal should be wormed monthly until 6 months and then every 3-4 months thereafter.

We currently stock a range of wormers that cover round and tapeworms, and come in various formats, tablets, pastes, injections and spot on preparations.

Canine Lungworm

Although this is still relatively uncommon in Northern Ireland it is however potentially very serious and worth protecting your pet againist.

Feline Worming

Sometimes worming your cat can be a nightmare task, especially if the wormer is in tablet form.

We can provide you with a variety of worming prepartions to treat both roundworms and tapeworms.

These products can be tablet form, paste form, spot on preparations or injections.

We find that spot on preparations are the easiest way of applying worm control and these products are only available from your veterinary surgeon.

We recommend that your cat is wormed routinely ideally three to four times per year.

Rabbit Worming

Rabbits can be prone to worm burdens, as part of your rabbits overall health plan we recomend regular worming at least twice a year.

Rabits are wormed by administering an oral paste daily for nine consecutive days.

Contact the clinic for further advice.