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Kitten Care Guide

There is lots to think about when preparing for a new kitten

There is lots to think about when preparing for a new kitten.

One of the first items on the agenda is to bring your kitten to your vet for a thorough health check and first vaccination.

Vaccinating your kitten is one of the most important preventative health care measures that you can take. 

Vaccinations can be given from nine weeks of age and the diseases vaccinated against are:


  • Cat flu - 2 major types
  • Type 1 - Feline enteritis 
  • Type 2 - Feline leukaemia


Kittens require two injections.  These are administered on two occasions, 3 – 4 weeks apart.  They then require an annual booster to maintain immunity.

Vaccination and Health Check – check out our Flying Start Package!

First vaccinations can be given at any of our four clinics and when you come for a first vaccination, your new kitten will be given a full health check.  The vet will also discuss flea and worming treatments, the best diet for your new kitten and pet insurance.

  • Diet
  • Flea Control
  • Microchipping
  • Insurance
  • Neutering
  • Worming


Your new kitten will require a nutritious diet to help them develop properly.  It is important that they are on a high quality kitten diet for the first year of their life.

See more Royal Canin diet.

Flea Control

Kittens should be treated for fleas from 8 weeks of age. 

They should be treated every 5 weeks as a preventative measure.


Microchipping is a simple procedure that injects a small chip carrying a unique 12 digit ID code under the skin of your kitten. 

When read with a scanner, this unique ID code is used to identify your kitten. 

In the event of your kitten being found by a vet, we can contact you.


At Clare Vet Group we strongly advise you to insure your pet in case of accident or illness. 

At first vaccination, you will be offered 4 weeks free insurance.  As long as you have no other policy for your kitten, we advise that you avail of this. 

Take care when researching insurance, as some companies only provide cover for a year and lifelong conditions can be left uninsured after the years cover has elapsed.


In this practice we recommend that cats of both sexes, if not required for breeding, should be neutered at an early age.

Both queens and tom cats can be neutered from 5 months onwards and they should be done after their vaccination course is completed.


Kittens should be wormed from 6 weeks of age, we recommend that you worm your kitten fortnightly until 12 weeks of age. 

After 12 weeks of age we recommend that you worm your kitten monthly up to 6 months, thereafter every 3 months is sufficient.

We stock a range of products that treat round and tape worms in various formats.

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