Vaccination Update

Hello everyone, so the Government and Royal college guidelines have changed over the holiday weekend and we can now consider doing some additional work including vaccines.

Please remember this is not a return to business as normal.

We are still open and as always we are available if your pet is sick or unwell. We have however had to reduce our hours in some clinics and reduce the numbers of staff for shielding and social distancing. We would ask everyone to please call the surgery before attending so we can decide the best way to help them.

We are still in government lock down for at least 3 more weeks and we must limit all journeys to those that are essential for animal welfare. Of course any work we can do must be done maintaining social distancing rules. This is vital to protect ourselves, our families and clients.

With that in mind we can start to offer a limited number of vaccinations for certain high risk animals where

any further delay may put these animals at an increased risk.

The priority at the moment is

1. Any puppies that are over 10 weeks old and have had no vaccines.

2. Puppies and kittens that have started vaccinations courses but have been unable to complete them

Younger Puppies around 6-9 weeks old we would recommend leaving the vaccination another 1-2 weeks as we try to prioritise the slightly older animals. We can however book these puppies in and post out worming treatments.

as long as possible whilst we are still under restrictions, however we appreciate this may not always be possible.

3. Young dogs overdue their first (year one) booster. This is a really important one in ensuring they remain protected as adults.

With kittens If you are able to keep them in we would recommend delaying their vaccination for

Right now we will have to hold off on all other boosters. Adult cats and dogs will be protected for a number of weeks after their

due dates. If dogs are overdue it is a good idea to avoid swimming in particular as there maybe a small risk of catching leptospirosis from rivers and lakes. We are keeping a very close eye on this and as soon as it is safe to do so we will start these again.

It is impossible to cover every individual situation and the guidelines are changing

rapidly, but if you have specific concerns about your pets vaccinations please give us a call and discuss it with one of our vets.

We are all in this together and we look forward to a return to normal. Everyone take care and look after yourselves.

From all the team at Clare Vets


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