While we are in the bargain superstores picking up our Zoflora to keep up with the latest trend #MrsHinch is setting.. How many of us lift those doggie treats too?

Please read on for warning of potentially lethal / dangerous dog treats lurking on these shelves!

Have you ever heard of Fanconi’s Syndrome? Most vets have heard of it but very few will probably diagnose it in their careers. We had our first case this autumn.

Fanconi’s Syndrome is a kidney disease which causes the kidney to lose sugar, salts and bicarbonate into the urine. It looks a lot like Diabetes Mellitus; with increased thirst and urination, but the dogs have normal blood sugar and insulin levels. It is normally a very rare inherited condition, hence why most vets will never see a case.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, cases have been appearing in Australia, America, Canada and now Europe. We still don’t know the exact cause, but it has been linked with feeding dried jerky type treats made from duck and chicken derivatives. All these treats originate from China and come in lots of different forms and are sold in many different shops.

Our case, was a 5 year old Jack Russell called Carter. He was fed these duck treats, as shown in the image, purchased from a bargain superstore. He became very thirsty, dehydrated and he was urinating excessively.

Some cases resolve as soon as the treats are stopped, but unfortunately, Carter has been left with permanent damage and will need supplements for life. He was however, lucky enough to not develop renal failure and we hope to manage his condition for the rest of his life.

Please be cautious when purchasing treats of this type!


Visit http://www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/veterinarywarningrenalglucosuria.html for further information.


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