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Flea Control

Flea control in dogs and cats is essential in animals that have access to the outdoors or are in contact with other animals.

Traditionally flea allergies were confined to the warmer months of the year but with more and more animals having access to indoors we are diagnosing flea problems all year round.

Up to 90% of flea infestations will be in your home.

Fleas are treated with spot on products and oral tablets. These products are unique in that they not only treat the animal, but also the environment as they stop lifecycle. We also sell products that kill a variety of different parasites, so ask our vets and nurses which product will best suit your animal.

Take care with some commercial flea products as they do not actually kill the fleas, and can cause severe side effects to your pet. Often the commercial products do not stop the flea lifecycle, please see the diagram below.

Rabbits can also be infested with fleas and mites, so speak to us regarding spot-on preparations to treat these conditions.